Built to last centuries, this remarkable home in Deephaven has a classic form, traditional materials, and details that would have been used over a century ago. Resilient materials such as natural hand-troweled stucco, structural solid wood eave brackets, copper gutters and flashing details, cobblestone chimneys, gas lanterns, and solid wood windows all create an authentic palette that grounds this home and creates a strong sense of place.

Two gabled forms with a courtyard between create a classic base for the design. The house occupies the east side of the lot allowing for a pool to the west and leaving existing large oaks undisturbed. The living and dining rooms have a bank of windows with views east to the courtyard and west through the screen porch to the pool. Plaster arches lead off to the front entry, kitchen and stair hall. The interiors of this house also combine rustic and refined details. Reclaimed timbers and stained wood ceilings balance the profiled painted trim and traditional wood windows, aged brass faucets are paired with stone sinks, cobblestone floors share the room with wallpaper.

The homeowners’ love for pattern and muted color is highlighted in the cabinetry, wallpaper and fabrics. From overall design to the details, the formal and informal elements play off each other in a way reminiscent of old Northern European houses built to create a timeless sense of home.

Parrett provided these windows as both French inswing casement and concealed spiral balance hung windows. All units were constructed of white oak and were factory-painted by Parrett. Hung windows featured wood framed screens with a unique cam lock mechanism allowing the screen sashes to be easily added/removed as needed. Locks and lifts were specified in an unlacquered brass finish which will develop a beautiful patina through usage and age.