PAUL’s Bakery, founded in 1889 in Northern France, now operates in over 33 countries across the globe and serves over 5 million customers per month. PAUL’s opened its first location in the United States in 2006 and has rapidly expanded since. Their stores can be easily spotted by their all black storefronts with contemporary aluminum clad wood windows and doors. However, they are better known for what’s inside – their rustic line of specialty breads, as well as gourmet sandwiches, viennoiseries and many deserts. The atmosphere inside offers a style reminiscent of a French “tea room.” PAUL’s family passion for bread and standard of creating a quality product “second to none” is no secret ingredient to their success.

Here at Parrett we share that same passion for our product as we pride ourselves in creating windows and doors second to none. Parrett’s work in PAUL stores consisted of Bi-fold mahogany wood doors, double swing mahogany “french” doors and large aluminum clad wood direct sets. Of course, manufacturer poly painted interior and exterior in PAUL’s custom “All Black.”