Bifold Door Systems

Views of installed bifold doorsParrett Windows & Doors has long been recognized as a leader in providing durable, high quality doors. Along with our detailed craftsmanship, we use the highest quality materials available. Our beautiful bifold door systems offer true value in today’s premium market. Our product will stand the test of time.

Choose from inswing and outswing bifold door systems in either all-wood or extruded aluminum clad construction.


Parrett Bifold Door Systems

ConstructionOur construction methods employ an engineered core with thick veneer on each side of the door sash. Aside from cases where split species is requested, only your specified lumber species is utilized in construction. Our aluminum cladding is a thick extruded profile, as opposed to roll form aluminum utilized by some manufacturers. Parrett provides durable doors engineered for longevity.

SizesWe offer custom sizes and design options to meet your specification. Parrett is unrivaled in our ability to provide extremely large swing doors that operate smoothly and easily.

HardwareStrength is evident in the coastal grade hardware which is designed to operate flawlessly. There are multiple hardware systems available based on the desired door system functionality.

Glazing OptionsGlass options include single glaze, dual pane insulated, triple pane insulated, Low E, tinted, obscure, tempered, laminated, STC/OITC Glass, and countless other choices.

Assemby & TestingAll units are tested in our facility after being completely assembled during the manufacturing process. A testing booth is also available onsite to accommodate additional product testing.

Unrivaled Flexibility Custom sizes and custom profiles for sash, grilles, brickmould, flat casing, and trim are available to your specifications. Parrett also has a large selection of different profiles available as standard.



Parrett Bifold Door Advantages

In addition to Parrett’s flexibility to meet your specification and high quality construction, Parrett’s door systems have several features that make them the optimal solution.

Engineered Core & Thick Veneers in matching wood species results in a strong door that performs well in the harshest environment. Don’t settle for doors with thin, brittle veneers or doors that are less stable once installed.

Lag Bolt & Joinery Methods. Parrett doors feature lag bolt design with your choice of wood joinery method for the ultimate in longevity:
• French Miter Blind Mortise & Tenon
• Coped Blind Mortise & Tenon
• Historic Mortise & Tenon
• Others Available Upon Request

Extruded Aluminum Cladding. Parrett’s door clad is constructed of thick, extruded aluminum. Compared to doors that incorporate roll-form aluminum, our doors are much more durable and stable in the field. All of Parrett’s door extrusions are also available for use in radius shaped doors.

Parrett's door construction method