Views of installed hung windows
Parrett Windows & Doors has long been recognized as a leader in providing durable, high quality windows. We use the highest quality materials and with our detailed craftsmanship, our beautiful hung windows offer you a true value in today’s market and they are simply beautiful!  Our product will stand the test of time.

Choose from single or double hung operation in either all-wood or aluminum clad construction.


Parrett Spiral Balance Hung Window Product Lines

SizesWe offer custom sizes and design options to meet your specification.

Standard SeriesOur standard “non-magnum” series offers industry leading strength and durability in a 1-3/4” thick sash hung window unit, suitable for many sizes of windows.

Magnum SeriesSpecial features differentiate our Magnum Series from the competition. The 2-1/4” thick sash is solid wood construction and along with quality frame construction will provide exceptional strength and durability for years to come.

HardwareStrength is evident in the hardware which is designed to operate flawlessly. Many options are available including standard painted finishes, as well as brass, oil rubbed bronze, and nickel finishes.

Glazing OptionsGlass options include single glaze, dual pane insulated, triple pane insulated, Low E, tinted, obscure, tempered, laminated, STC/OITC Glass (window is STC/OITC Tested), and countless other choices.

Assembly & TestingAll units are tested in our facility after being completely assembled during the manufacturing process. A testing booth is also available onsite to accommodate additional product testing.

Unrivaled Flexibility Custom sizes and custom profiles for sash, grilles, brickmould, flat casing, and trim are available to your specifications. Parrett also has a large selection of different profiles available as standard.

view of a hung window

Parrett Window Advantages

In addition to Parrett’s flexibility to meet your specification and high quality construction, Parrett’s spiral balance units have several features that make them the optimal solution.

Parrett's Solid Furniture Grade Lumber
  • Superb Joinery for Secure Long Term Performance
  • Screwed Fasteners in Structural Locations (not pin nailed)
  • Sealed Joints for Better Air & Water Resistance

Vs. Finger-Jointed & Veneered Lumber

Upgraded Brass Hardware

Vs. Lower Strength, Painted Die-Cast Zinc

Factory Finishing (Paint, Prime, & Stain for Interior & Exterior of Window)

Vs. Lower Quality, Field Applied Finishing

Higher Air, Water, and Structural Performance Values & Testing

Vs. Lower Performing, Less Efficient Windows

OITC/STC Performance & Testing

Vs. Noisier Windows Without Product Testing

Extruded Aluminum Cladding

Vs. Thin, Less Durable Roll Form Cladding

Easy Serviceability Once Installed

Vs. Sandwich glazing that does not
allow for easy removal of glass if needed.


Parrett spiral balance units feature concealed spiral balances. Compared to units with exposed metal or vinyl jamb liners, Parrett units provide the beauty and warmth of an all-wood appearance.