Views of installed lift and slide doors

Lift & Slide Door Custom Options Gallery

At Parrett we pride ourselves on the flexibility to meet the needs of all of our customers. The following option descriptions are not a complete listing of the custom options available, but is provided to show just some of the more popular unique options that we encounter. We welcome the challenges of unique door projects!

Variation 6 Lift & Slide

variation 6 radius lift and slide door
(PXX-XXP shown) door shown here. Top diagram has concealed door frame/pocket locations darkened for visual reference here. Lower diagram shows rectangle door frames with radius incuts in concealed wall pockets while door is in “fully open” position.

Radius Incut Door Panels.

bifold door with decorative cremone bolt hardware
(XX operation shown) configuration door is shown above and allows for unique styling not available in typical, mass-produced sliding patio doors.

These door panels have archtop shaped glass while virtually any glass incut shape is also available.

Lift & Slide Window

lift and slide window with screens
(XX operation shown) are available at “window heights” to provide a unit similar in function to a sliding window, but with the durability and performance of a Parrett lift & slide door.

Hardware/Handle Pulls can be the same style as door units. This unit featured a lower handle to accommodate its installation at countertop height.

Typical “door” screen options are available, as well as the exposed hangers with stationary screen insert seen here.

Low Profile Track on Finished Floor

bifold door with decorative cremone bolt hardware
(OXXX-XXXO shown). Parrett’s low-profile track allows for installation of an unobtrusive sill system. The customer chose this sill system after careful analysis of the local weather, overhang protection, and anticipated weather performance.

General Door Design Option Gallery

While the majority of these options show images of swing doors, generally they can be accommodated in lift & slide doors.

Profiled Door Jambs

profiled door jambs
Profiled Door Jambs are available with both standard and custom profiles on any door shape to match your desired specifications.

Custom Profile Details

custom door trim profile design
Intricate Moulding Details such as those seen above are one of Parrett’s specialties. Details can be replicated from physical samples for historic replication projects and/or be fabricated to meet your design specifications.

Custom Stain & Clear Coating

custom stain color examples
Custom Color Stain & Clear Coating is provided by Parrett, allowing us to easily match existing woodwork and/or wood products from other product manufacturers. The unit above is a white oak door that was stained in a custom green color to match a sample provided by the customer.

Split Species Doors

split species door example
Split Species doors are one of Parrett’s specialties. This walnut/mahogany door featured a recessed panel that was entirely mahogany to tie the design together.

Wood Louver Style "A"

wood louvers
A variety of Wood Louvers are available in several slat styles and finishes which can be integrated into any of our door product lines. Above is a factory painted, stationary louver.

Wood Louver Style "B"

wood louvers
Directly above is a louver that has a Removable Slat Panel. This can allow removal of the louver temporarily to place a screen, panel, etc.

Wood Louver Style "C"

wood louvers
A variety of slat types are available such as the example seen here that allows for Air Movement even if the door is closed. Louvers are available in any wood species and can be fully finished by Parrett.

Custom Hardware Routing

custom hardware machined door
Parrett offers Custom Routing/Machining to accommodate Jobsite Installed Hardware. Utilizing hardware templates, Parrett will ensure that the machining is positioned perfectly to ensure that the door operates properly after hardware is installed.

Wrought Iron Door Grilles

wrought iron metal grille
Wrought Iron Door Grilles can be custom designed to match your aesthetic preference and are securely installed into the door sash.

Decorative Stained Glass

decorative stained glass
Parrett is capable of designing and sourcing decorative glass as seen here.

Unique Transom Designs

double acting kitchen door
Unique Transom Designs such as this gothic shaped v-groove panel are available. This example was designed to have the v-grooves align with the French door unit below.

Removable Screen Panels

Removable Screen Panels
Door Components such as these large Screen Panels are available through Parrett.

Metal Inlay Plank Door

custom metal inlay plank door
This plank style door featured unique metal inlays.

Operable Door Transoms

operable door transom
As seen in this historic storefront replication, Parrett manufactures operable transom units which includes awnings, hoppers, and pivoting units.