Views of installed lift and slide doors

Lift & Slide Door Hardware Information & Finishes

Lift & Slide doors utilize multipoint locking hardware and have a variety of handleset and pull choices depending on the intended unit operation. Compared to typical sliding doors, Lift & Slide doors feature higher performance due to the ability to include more robust weatherstripping. Lift & Slide door operation remains smooth and easy because when the panel is “lifted” to operate there is no drag/resistance from the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door panel(s). Even extremely large panels can be operated with ease.

Standard Hardware Specifications - Recessed Handleset

Al fush handleset with exterior pull allows for lift & slide units to maintain narrower jamb depths due to reduced handle clearance and also facilitates door panels that can slide into a wall pocket.

Note that the handlesets here will not allow door to be locked/unlocked from unit exterior and therefore a panel can only be “slid” if the unit is already unlocked from the interior.

bronze recessed handlesets for lift and slide doors

bronze recessed handleset finishes for lift and slide doors

Edge Pull Information

Edge pulls are utilized in doors with pocket systems and provide the ability to easily “pull” a door panel from the concealed wall pocket. The edge pulls listed below are designed to fit within the locking gear system employed in Parrett’s lift & slide doors. Typically the sliding screen panels will feature the same edge pull design. Sliding screens generally do not have multipoint locking gear. They slide as opposed to “LIFT and slide,” allowing other edge pull designs to be considered. As pocketing panels are interlocked together, only the leading panel requires an edge pull as seen here. When the leading panel is pulled, each other panel will follow in turn.

edge pulls for lift and slide door sash panels

Alternative Hardware Selections - Removable/Fixed Handleset

The alternative handleset specifications listed below are available to account for applications where exterior locking/unlocking function is desired. Compared to the standard specification, alternate #2 has similar handlesets on both the interior/exterior of the operating panel(s) to allow for exterior operation.

For units with wall pockets, removable handles can also be specified with cover plates as seen below. The finishes for this hardware can also be used to closely match other units if a finish such as brass, satin nickel, or stainless steel are desired.

Handleset Choices

lift and slide door handle styles

lift and slide door handle styles

Handleset Finishes

lift and slide door handle finishes
Depending on the handle style chosen, hardware finish availability may vary. Contact Parrett to verify (LS100 & LS300 standard finishes shown below).

Removable Handleset Information

lift and slide door handle finishes
Typically removable handles are used in doors with wall pockets, or in cases where only the “leading” panel on a door is desired to have a visible handle. For example, in an OXXX door, the leading panel would be operated, and then that handle would be removed and used to operate the next panel in line, etc. This operational method may be undesirable in situations where the handle could be taken and/or misplaced. Handle swing covers are pictured above, which swing down to hide the hole that is visible when the handle is removed during operation.