Views of installed lift and slide doors

Lift & Slide Door Screen Systems

Lift & Slide doors can accommodate a variety of screen systems including both horizontally and vertically sliding screens, as well as sliding wood panels that match the look and appearance of the “glass” door panels.

Sliding Clad/All-Wood Screen Panel Information

lift and slide door screen system hardware information

Sliding screen panels typically match the stile & rail and raised/recessed design of the “glass panels.” Typical hardware on the leading screen panel consists of a thumbturn lock, and all screen panels have flush pulls. Typical hardware selections matching the standard lift & slide hardware specification. Parrett also has offerings to match our alternate hardware selections.

A variety of screen mesh selections are available including fiberglass, low visibility, brass/bronze, and aluminum.

Horizontally Sliding Screen Systems Information

lift and slide door screen system information
Horizontally sliding screens like the one seen above can either be “one-direction” or split in the middle in “two-direction” applications which are primarily dictated by overall unit dimensions. These screen systems are typically installed to the interior of a lift & slide door.