Views of installed lift and slide doors

Lift & Slide Door Sill Specifications.

Parrett’s lift & slide doors are available with multiple sill designs that allow for the best performance for your specific application and door configuration. If you require additional assistance, Parrett’s sales team is happy to assist you in making a selection. All systems without a wood sill are tested and shipped on a temporary wood threshold.

High Bottom Track

lift & Slide Door Sill
The high bottom track on a wood sill is Parrett’s standard sill specification for lift & slide doors. This provides field-tested high performance and smooth operation. It also accommodates virtually all door configurations. The sill is also available to be mounted directly to the flooring/concrete if desired.

lift & Slide Door Sill

Low Bottom Track

lift & Slide Door Sill
The low bottom track can be a solution for applications where a less obtrusive, lower sill profile is desired.

Compared to the high bottom track, the weather performance will be diminished due to the lower sill height (Low bottom track is 9mm vs 19mm for the high bottom).

Screen panels typically use a “bottom kerf track” in door systems even if the “glass panels” utilize the high bottom track. The low bottom track can be mounted to a wood sill or direct to the flooring/concrete.

Fastrack Sill

lift & Slide Door Sill
This sill system is able to be adjusted to variable field conditions using modular parts and then “sunk” into the subflooring, allowing a clean, low-profile look. This sill system is also commonly used in curved door units. Weather performance is similar to the standard “Low Bottom Track.” The Fastrack can be assembled on slope up to 2°. A sub-floor drainage system is not supplied. Both aluminum and stainless steel systems with brass components are available.

Climatech Threshold

lift & Slide Door Sill
Climatech threshold is made of durable composite material, fiberglass-reinforced to ensure optimal strength, thermal resistance, excellent insulation and scratch resistance. This sill system is available in the following panel configurations: OX, XO, XX, XX-XX, OX-XO