50 Howard Street (Soho Cast Iron Historic District) – New York, NY


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     February 14, 2018

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Parrett Windows & Doors was proud to be part of the 50 Howard Street project in New York City, NY. The windows were made to exact architectural specifications to ensure the historical integrity of this beautiful site. The General Contractor overseeing the project was KLM Construction.

The Soho Historic District which consists of 26 blocks and roughly 500 buildings is know around the world for its distinctive cast iron architecture. The process of using cast iron in New York City began around the mid-1800’s. The cast iron construction method had three main advantages at the time:

  • Strength – enable architects & builders to erect larger structures
  • Cost Savings – faster and cheaper to erect versus the traditional stone fronts
  • Fire Resistant Properties

The Arch Top Single Hung Weight & Pulley units consisted of numerous custom profiles to match the existing windows. The TDL bars, sash profiles, brickmold and other details were all New York Landmark approved. A high performance Insulated SolarBan60 was also used to achieve maximum energy performance.