Saenger Theatre – New Orleans, LA

Project details:

$53 million dollars was raised in a combination of federal, state, and private funding, with the renovation beginning in 2012. Extreme care was followed during the renovation to return Saenger Theatre to its original state. Following preservation guidelines from organizations including the National Park Service, original building details were restored in a variety of ways including stripping paint to identify original building colors and using historic photographs to match the design of doors, lighting fixtures, windows, floor plans, and marquees. Modern updates were also integrated at this time including central air conditioning, and the replacement of the original “constellation” ceiling lighting with modern LEDs.

PARRETT’S WORK - Parrett manufactured (24) aluminum clad sash set stationary window units for this project featuring hurricane impact glazing which consisted of insulated laminated glass with a Low-E coating. To enhance visibility through the windows, low-iron Starphire glass was specified. A custom color AAMA 2605 (Kynar) exterior paint finish was also utilized on the aluminum clad exteriors as well as the custom profiled aluminum muntin bars. Custom sash widths were designed to match original window units and a 2-1/2” sash thickness was employed to accommodate the required glazing method for the hurricane impact glass. These windows were installed into openings up to 70 sq ft in size. Parrett was proud to be part of the history of the Saenger Theater!