Bifold Window Configurations

Views of installed bifold windows

Bifold Window Configurations

The diagram below shows common OUTSWING bifold window configurations. Due to the nearly limitless configurations available, if you have any questions please reach out to us at for guidance.

See Below for descriptions of these hardware systems for popular panel configurations and see “Bifold Hardware Information” for hardware styles and finishes. 

  "3 Right" Outswing Bifold Configuration

This unit features multipoint locking hardware that will allow operation of the multipoint locking handle equipped sash (A) to function independently as seen in “Function #1”, similar to a single crankout casement or small swing door. This is valuable in situations such as a pass through. Once the manual flushbolts on sash (C) are retracted the unit sashes can then be collapsed to provide a full unit opening as seen in “Function #2”.

  "4 Left" Outswing Bifold Configuration

This unit does not have multipoint locking hardware due to the panel configuration (all sashes are fully hinged into unit tracks). This unit will require the flushbolts in sash (A) to be retracted prior to unit opening. In this case, the unit can be operated with two sashes collapsed as seen in “Function #1.” Then by retracting the flushbolts in sash (C), the sashes can then be fully collapsed to provide a full unit opening as seen in “Function #2”.