Swing Doors – Commercial Hardware

Views of installed swing doors

Commercial Swing Door Hardware & Hinge Selections

Commercial door projects typically have a hardware specification that Parrett uses to source and install all required hardware. However, Parrett also has extensive experience in sourcing commercial hardware as needed based on the function and location of a door project. Because of this, the selections provided are not an exhaustive listing of product availability, but are provided to demonstrate some of the more typical specifications presented to Parrett. Parrett can also provide routing/machining only for field installed hardware.

The commercial hardware manufactures listed below are just some of the companies that Parrett has experience with.

commercial hardware vendor listing


Typical Commercial Ball Bearing Butt Hinge Selections

commercial brass ball bearing butt hinge

Additional Commercial Door Hinge Selections

commercial gallers of choices for hinges

Typical Commercial Door Pull Selections

commercial door pull choices
Parrett can install any door pull/handleset that is required as seen in here in some of the countless options available from manufacturers.

Typical Commercial Door Closer Selections

commercial door pull choices
Parrett can install all types of door closers as well as set up door sill configurations to accommodate a concealed floor door closer as seen on the example on the next page.

Commercial Door Sills - ADA Compliant

commercial door pull choices
In addition to typical ADA Sills, Parrett can also manufacture doors on temporary wood sills if desired based on jobsite conditions. Aluminum and brass/bronze materials are available. Depending on the specified sill manufacturer, multiple styles and finishes are available including, but not limited to those shown.

Typical Panic Exit Device Selections

commercial door panic bar hardware
Exit device hardware can be configured with either concealed or exposed bolts, a specification that some other solid-wood door manufacturers are not able to meet.

Electrified Door Systems

electrified door choices
Parrett can manufacture electrified door systems including electrified hinges, locks/strikes, security systems & cameras, and wire chases. Integration and installation is done by others. Parrett does not supply the “integrator.”

Door Kickplates

door kickplate choices
Door kickplates are available in a variety of finishes, and in both flat and profiled designs to match the exact size requirement of your door(s).