Views of installed swing doors

Entry Door Sill Selections

Parrett offers a variety of sills to match your aesthetic and performance requirements. Parrett can also recommend an optimal sill based on your specific project.

Residential Sill Selections

anodized aluminum residential door sill
Anodized door sills are available in a variety of finishes to accommodate both inswing and outswing doors of any jamb depth. Additional options such as ADA sills and thermally broken sills are available. At above left a typical inswing door sill is shown. At far right, a door with “sill horns” is shown. Various finishes are available.

wood residential door sill
Parrett wood sills are available to match your specifications. Typically a hardwood species such as white oak or mahogany is chosen, but other species are available. Sills can also be left “long” to accommodate jobsite installed casing. Sills can be left unfinished for jobsite finishing, but are also available in Parrett’s high-performance stain & clear coat or painted finishes.

interlocking brass and aluminum residential door sill
Interlocking sills such as the example drawing shown above are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate both inswing and outswing doors and are compatible with both singlepoint and multipoint locking hardware. The specific sill model and corresponding j-hook, will vary based on inswing/outswing operation, and if mounted to a Parrett wood sill, or mounted on a temporary sill for jobsite sill installation.