New Construction Period Home – Arkansas

This residential home located in Arkansas that was designed by Alan Madewll & Associates and served as a perfect showcase for Parrett’s window and door capabilities with Parrett providing a variety of window types including casements, hung, transom, and picture configurations as well as swing doors.

All units were constructed of mahogany and were factory-painted by Parrett to ensure years of longevity after installation in the field. Operable pushout casements up to 84” tall featured multipoint locking hardware in an eye-catching polished chrome finish along with exposed sash pushbars to hold the sash in variable opening degrees. Stationary traditional inswing casement profile units were are provided including a large group of (7) mulled windows at an overall length of over 12 feet.

Hung windows were configured as weight & chain operation, which provide a smooth, nearly effortless sash operation that is time-tested to provide superior longevity. Hung windows also featured polished chrome finish hardware.

Unique window specifications included a “wavy” vintage restoration glass which was supplied as either single-pane or insulated depending on the installation location of the window/door. The builder later stated that visitors to the home couldn't believe these were brand new windows due to the vintage glass appearance. Several custom wood profiles were created including a large window exterior casing that was factory installed above several mulled window assemblies.

Both Single and French inswing doors with sash set transoms were provided with brass ball-bearing butt hinges and multipoint locking hardware with customer-specified trimplate/handlesets in polished nickel.