Stained Glass – Restoration Ellipse Transom

Project details:

“Another Hundred Years”

A client contacted Parrett with an aged decorative glass panel and the proposal to install this glass into a new window unit for their future residence. The glass panel was travel-weary with its origins from another state and previous installed locations, and upon an initial inspection was unstable for an appropriate new installation.

A local artisan, Nathan Paul Meyer, of Art Factory America was contacted and confirmed the deteriorated condition of this over 100-year-old panel of glass. The glass was left in his care and the meticulous complete disassembly of the approximately 450 pieces was begun and then simultaneously reassembled with utilization of the majority of the original lights of glass. Patience and authentic lead caming were used to recreate the original personality of the piece per the client’s aspirations.

Parrett templated the restored glass panel and manufactured a window unit to give the now rejuvenated piece its new resting place, and then final installation in the residence for a further 100 years of appreciation.

Building relationships with the homeowner, a local artisan, a contractor, and Parrett is a service that we make available to the fenestration industry.

Once the glass restoration process was begun by Nathan from Art Factory America, the original stained glass was carefully removed from the deteriorated glass caming, with extreme care taken to retain as many pieces as possible for reuse. Any missing or broken pieces were replaced using close visual matches, sourced from multiple artglass vendors.

An extreme level of detail and technical skill was required to accomplish this intricate glass restoration.

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