Pushout Casement – Cremone Bolts & Flushbolts

Views of installed casement windows

Pushout Casement Cremone Bolts

Parrett has extensive experience installing a variety of cremone bolts and flushbolts from different manufacturers. Below is only a small sampling of some of the various styles available from our more commonly sourced hardware manufacturers. We can also accommodate customer supplied or custom cremone bolts.

French casements can be equipped with a cremone bolt on each sash, or a cremone bolt on the active sash with flushbolts on the semi-active sash.

view of a casement with pushbars



Rocky Mountain Bronze Cremone Bolts

Frank Allart Brass Cremone Bolts & Flushbolts

Baldwin Brass Cremone Bolts & Flushbolts

PE Guerin Cremone Bolts & Flushbolts