Weight & Chain Hung Window Screens

Views of installed hung windows

Weight & Chain Hung Window Screens

Parrett offers a variety of hung window screen systems, varying from historically accurate fixed screens all the way to contemporary operable screens. The options illustrated here are our most popular screen systems.

Typical mesh choices include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Low Visibility
  • Brass/Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Shades

Exposed Historic Screen Hangers

Utilized with wood framed screens, screen hangers are available to match a building’s unique historic aesthetic, if requested. (bronze mesh shown)

  1. Exposed hangers visible at the top of the window frame to the exterior.

  2. Sash securement system visible to the exterior of the window. Wingnut shown to interior.

Concealed Historic Screen Hangers

Utilized with wood framed screens, concealed screen hangers are available that will not be visible to the exterior of the window, and are very unobtrusive to the interior view of the window. (bronze mesh shown)

  1. Side view of the screen securement mechanism that locks into the jamb as shown in detail #3

  2. Interior view of screen panel, screw is turned to lock screen panel into place
  3. View of side jamb showing the screen “strike”

Rolldown Screen System

A variety of manual and motorized pulldown screens are available that are either exposed or concealed above the window jamb header.

Contemporary Fixed Screen

Fixed screens are available in both wood and aluminum screen channels. Typically the screen channel finish is chosen to match the exterior of the hung window unit. This screen channel is painted white for reference here. Large hung windows may be specified with a screen channel bracer bar that aligns with the window checkrail (as seen in example above).